What is Hair Maxis and what makes it so special?

Hair Maxis is a natural supplement developed to support natural growth of healthy, soft and radiant hair. Unlike topical agents that are applied to the scalp, Hair Maxis contain a unique combination vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help you achieve fuller, longer and more luxurious hair, naturally.

How do the vitamins make my hair grow longer and faster?

The vitamins, minerals and nutrients in Hair Maxis have been carefully selected for their hair enhancement qualities. Just as the body needs nutrients to remain healthy, the hair needs its own set of nutrients to produce optimal hair growth. Hair Maxis also supports healthier, stronger and more manageable hair.

Does Hair Maxis have any side effects?

Since Hair Maxis is a 100% natural supplement, not a drug or chemical, it is developed to promote good health. There are generally no side effects.

Will Hair Maxis cause hair growth on other parts of the body?

Hair Maxis is designed to support growth of hair on your scalp only. Hair Maxis is not developed to stimulate the growth of hair in otherwise hairless areas.

How fast will I see results with Hair Maxis?

Users have reported healthier, softer and better looking hair in as little at 2 weeks and noticeable hair growth in 30-60 days.

Is Hair Maxis FDA approved?

Hair Maxis is considered dietary supplement, not a drug. The FDA approves the use of drugs and medical devices, not dietary supplements. Hair Maxis is manufactured in FDA compliant facility which is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. This ensures high quality and safetly.

Can I contact Hair Maxis by phone?

Yes, we offer telephone support at 1-800-469-5162 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm US EST).

However, we are available 24-7 on our website here or at info@hairmaxis.com and this is the preferred method of communication.

How can I become a Hair Maxis Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a registered Hair Maxis Distributor, please click here and fill out the form. A Hair Maxis representative will get back to you with details.